Mossy stones can be beautiful

There’s an old saying that “rolling stones gather no moss”. So it stands to reason that the opposite is true — stationary stones Do gather moss. “Duh!”, you say. “That’s a no-brainer!” To which I respond — “exactly!” Maybe it’s time to shake off the moss and start using our brains.

We’ve been in our current home almost 8 years. Amazing, when we think about the fact that this home was just a way to move from one state to another, a stopover on our way to…who knows what! We bought it sight unseen. Well, we didn’t see it; but…

Apologies in advance, for anyone who might be offended by my thoughts on death and the strict rules we seem to have regarding funerals. I mean no disrespect. I’m just — curious. WHY does there seem to be a dress code for death?

Please don’t dress me up when I die. I don’t want to go out wearing a dress and silk stockings when my preferred daily attire was a t-shirt and sweatpants. And please — no shoes! I can’t abide the thought of having to wear shoes for all of eternity!

I started thinking about these things recently, when…

Let each one reach one

Today we took breakfast to a homeless lady. She has been living in her SUV, in a parking lot in Mesa, Arizona, for at least the past month. She doesn’t beg or ask for handouts; she doesn’t call attention to herself in any way. In fact, we wouldn’t have known about her at all if a regular customer of a nearby gas station hadn’t realized she was there for days and posted about her on a local neighborhood website.

A number of people responded to the post. One young man took time to go sit and chat with her. He…

To all you store owners out there — Please take note.

Yesterday was National Women’s Day. In honor of the occasion, local florist was giving away 2 free bunches of daisies to every woman. Such a wonderful idea! Their ad also suggested that men could purchase flowers for the special woman (or women) in their lives. Great promotion!

In order to get the flowers, women had to come to the store in person. Smart advertising. So far, so good.

Normally, when a store gives something away, I try and make a purchase to say thanks. I love plants and flowers…

Social Media is eating our brains. It’s happening so slowly and insidiously that virtually no one has noticed.

Look at that opening paragraph again and imagine you just saw that on Facebook. What would you do? Maybe you would click one of the handy emojis — “like” or “LOL”. Maybe you would add a comment — perhaps one of the suggestions Facebook so thoughtfully provides, like “100%” or a cute little drawing.

Many would simply laugh or shake their heads and scroll on by, to the next post — maybe something more interesting like what kind of animal or flower…

Embrace the new requirements and be festive!

Thanksgiving is a bit different this year for a lot of people. Gatherings may be smaller, and distant relatives may be absent, unable or unwilling to risk travel. Others may be changing their traditional feasts in defiant ways, tired of the restrictions. They may gather together in large crowds, proclaiming their “rights”, saying how this could be their last year with older relatives and “no one is going to stop them.” I pray these “last years” aren’t as a result of Covid.

This year seems to have an angrier feel. People are tired of being afraid, tired of having the…

We seem to have gone from “giving” to “gimmee”. Thanksgiving used to be a day when we spent time with family and friends, watching parades and football and eating too much. I don’t recall much quiet reflection, and the giving of thanks was pretty much restricted to a mumbled reply when someone passed you that second piece of pie. I also remember pouring over the giant stack of store ads, feeling that excitement building for the upcoming hunt. I would have to step away when I could feel myself being drawn in like a member of the borg collective. “Must…

Each day is a chance for a new beginning.

Someone once told me (spitefully) that I could be happy because nothing bad had ever happened to me. Which of course wasn’t true — no one goes through life unblemished.

I replied by turning her phrase around a bit. Maybe, I replied, maybe bad things hadn’t happened to me because I could be happy.

It’s all about perspective. Life either sucks and turns you into a bitter prune…or life sucks and you head in a different direction; a practical application of that old quote that says, if it hurts to do that — don’t do it!

Over the years I’ve…

Do you start the day with a morning routine?

During times when the whole world seems to be spinning out of control, routines are not only comforting, they are necessary.

This is the latest revelation in a series of “lessons our dog taught me”. Jack, our chihuahua, is a nervous, feisty, loving and fiercely loyal protector. His early life details are unknown, but they caused him to be wary of everyone and everything. He finds comfort and security in daily routines and will often come stare at us expectantly when it is time for potty breaks or bedtime.

My husband and I have a daily routine also, a home-made…

Fun for All Ages, from the Safety of Your Home!

Stay safe, stay connected

Looks like it might be a while before this “Corona Craziness” is over. This list is for those of you who are sheltering in place, under quarantine or just wanting to spend time at home. These resources are FREE (with the exception of my books — as an author, I had to mention these — hope you’ll take a moment to check them out). I’ll be adding to the list on our website as I find new information, so feel free to check back there []. …

Donna (“Dee”) Wylie

Donna (“Dee” to friends) Wylie is primary writer at ChiWow Media, and author of 9 books on Amazon, including her popular denture series, The 7 Stages of Teeth.

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