Mossy stones can be beautiful

There’s an old saying that “rolling stones gather no moss”. So it stands to reason that the opposite is true — stationary stones Do gather moss. “Duh!”, you say. “That’s a no-brainer!” To which I respond — “exactly!” Maybe it’s time to shake off the moss and start using our brains.

We’ve been in our current home almost 8 years. Amazing, when we think about the fact that this home was just a way to move from one state to another, a stopover on our way to…who knows what! We bought it sight unseen. Well, we didn’t see it; but…

Donna (“Dee”) Wylie

Donna (“Dee” to friends) Wylie is primary writer at ChiWow Media, and author of 9 books on Amazon, including her popular denture series, The 7 Stages of Teeth.

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